On the Cleanse calls this week, we will pray and are asking you to review 2 Chronicles 20 with Jehoshephat’s prayer as the Ammonites and Moabites came against God’s people. King Jehoshephat prayed, the priests sang a simple one sentence song of praise to the Lord and the Lord routed their enemies. Israel did not even have to fight.
On Monday, July 27, third phase clinical trials will begin on the lead United States vaccine for Covid19 with 30,000 individuals. These vaccines contain a number of concerns for God’s people including aborted fetal cell tissue which is used in the preparation of the adenovirus vector platform for the vaccine. The situation we find ourselves in now is a battle that belongs to the Lord.
So, read through the King’s prayer and on Monday, July 27, and throughout the day, let’s sing: “Give thanks to YHVH for his steadfast love endures forever.” Let’s praise Him and say His name.
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A Cleansing Song with a Cleansing Mission
A Cleansing Song with a Cleansing Mission